Precious clues

The earrings had been left there, on the low table, an oval of black marquinia marble, the white veins like veins under the skin, the light dust powder. A blade of light cut diagonally across the immense, white bed left unmade. lapped and sparkled the blue, transparent and shiny stones to finish on the wall. Emptiness, silence of a sudden abandonment. The only clue was the classic small circles with large stones as eyes on the bedside table. The mirror floated in the dim light still marked by intimate suspended transparencies.
The reflection of her profile was still there, trapped in the crystal between the dark locks, silver circles between the wet fingers of an sea out of season. The slender line of the back bent over the mirror to look for details now mixed by caresses, to try to correct the poured mascara, to remake an lipstick consumed. The blue video still contained them. A caress that brushed aside her hair, her sudden turn, her smiles and looks at the end of an late September afternoon… Silver reflections among the soft gestures. Rainbow Classic blue earrings … unique precious clues of an intimacy still close.

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