Our STATUS SYMBOL of summer love to play with colors, with floral patterns of light fabrics, with pieces of sky and sea, with all shades of hair and tattoo shadows, they cut out flowers, hearts, stars and wedges of the moon on the skin. They are frames of lawns and mirrors. All the colors of summer take the shapes of our STATUS SYMBOL. Violet of hydrangeas sighted in the heart, white, black and blue of chiffon, shiny green of grass, red sunsets and nights of your color in which to lose my eyes. Long necklaces and rings, light earrings to frame thoughts, songs, caresses and emotions.  

Stones of the earth

I use to spent hours looking for stones on the bed of the stream, in the mountains, you were lying motionless on the same stones, talking to the clouds, your feet that every now was searching for the frost of the shiny water. For the same passion, the same game, the desire to caress smooth and round shapes in all possible shades, I searched for THE STONES OF THE EARTH and tied them to your fingers, pink and green tourmalines, aquamarines, rutilated quartz so beautiful to make evil eyes, amethysts, turquoise and many others that for me are still nameless colored stones, smoothed by water, the one that has the good fortune to pass all over you, make your skin even smoother, let me imagine a thousand ways of bind you to THE STONES OF THE EARTH. All different big rings. Unique and precious pieces like breaths, like rain, wind, sun, earth. As natural as love.

A magical summer night

PITTIESISI Status Symbols are jewels as large and light as butterflies. You run pushed by the wind chased by swarms of glitter. My old Nikon take long time to shoot. I steal all the moonlight and draw the long paths of your path. I get entangled in the thin web made by the reflections of your earrings, by the glow of the  rings trace in your hair. I play with the fire of “symbols”, the caresses slide on your skin and I write stories of hearts. It’s a magical summer night, tomorrow there will be stars, moons, flowers…

A classic frame of colours

Summer colors, colors to smile. Classic frames, round or square the one that frame the colors of the Rainbow Classic rings. Transparent colors that make you want to dive in, to show yourself, to seduce. Playful fantasies,  words, light gestures, dances on the beach in the grazing light of the sunset. Desire for necklaces and long earrings that in Rainbow Classic become very original pendants with geometric shapes and single cross earrings in an infinite multiplication of color variations.
The rainbow apear only a moment, it enchants you and you remember it forever.  

Rings to suck

Blue topazes and purple quartz, scratched surfaces, splendid imperfections to wear as a flowers. Shiny eyes, green and smoky gray quartz. Rings to suck like popsicles in summer, they mist up on your warm breath. Square, round, drops of anise and mint, of oranges and blueberries run through your fingers and draw the light that surround you, color your hips and lips and arms and hair with caresses and confuse my eyes. Rainbow Rings Pittiesisi, I touch you and I lose myself in your hands.

Fifth Avenue… clear signs of distinction.

The essential elements of Fifth Avenue by Pittiesisi are prisms blunted by weather and time, cubes, long chains to be twisted between your fingers that follow the slow movements of your steps, float among the transparent waves of your long blue veils, earrings  that sparkle among your hair, rings with large iconic prisms mark your hands that sway as if they follow the rhythm of your many chains. You look dressed only by the reflections of the rectangular blades of light that swarm around and leave wounded everywhere. Jewels that draw your slender and enhance your  curve, amplify each gesture. Fifth Avenue by Pittiesisi, clear signs of distinction.  

Jewels play with the sun

I know you desire big jewels and sun to play with the reflections. You want round earrings that reach almost your  shoulders and draw infinite curves between your neck and  arms and symmetries in between your hair. Light and round earrings just like the round bangles that run along your wrists. Today the sun waited for you to go out to play, to mirror itself on the pointed and shiny surfaces of the rings you pointed at it, pushing the clouds away. Large and light jewels, soft even when the shapes look like armor, brilliant shields that protect you from banality and boredom. You run, but the sun does not leave you even for a moment taken by your joy. Raise your arms, rotate the many bangles that tinkle and ruffle the rays that glisten everywhere.
You laugh and hide but you know that the sun always finds you.

Hands that touch

You touch your front with that usual gesture that I know so well. It means look at me and it has nothing to do with your rebellious red locks. Hands that mark the air, unpredictable like butterflies, hands colored by many rings, hands that let of lightnings like revolvers loaded with flowers. Impertinent hands that  rest on your hips and say it all, they take me and sparkle while you do shhhhh! You touch my lips with your fingers, and leave me speechless. Now I have eyes only for your eyes, for the blue-purple, green-yellow trails, sea and leaves that leave me your caresses, the red marks of your rings that will return to awake our usual thoughts tonight. Hands that touch, rings that look like exclamation points, commas, suspended dots… waiting for you.

Flowers, flowers, flowers…

It is all a blossoming of mimosas, primroses, violets… a flowering of light texture skirts with large splashes of color, an intertwining of stems and corollas,  green grassy backgrounds and skies full of white clouds.
If last year the catwalks all over the world saw the explosion of many floral motifs, certainly the wind of colored petals that hit the world has not yet stopped blowing. Pittiesisi jewels have always been created and lived like flowers, like gems that adorn all beautiful women who wear them. With the Fiori by Status Symbol Pittiesisi offers a bouquet of very fresh choices, pendants, earrings and rings in pink, yellow and white, very light and of great visual impact even in the larger and smaller versions. All the Flowers are also beautifully combined with the other status symbols, Hearts, Stars and Magic Moons for infinite combinations and even more spectacular out-fits.

What a splendid sun!

It feels like summer. Your marvellous jewels multiply in geometric reflections on the edge of your skin, draw light curves, clear rectangles fade into your magical shadows that surround me. When you move everything changes, the drawings of the sun stretch over your perfect curves like long fingers that transform you into a kaleidoscope. Your necklaces are so long that they wrap you in silver coils up to your thighs, the lights bounce between your knees and hips and between your breasts until they blend in with the ellipses of the earrings that caress your neck. Jewels with imperfect geometries, inventions created by the irresistible attraction between design and nature, sculpture rings, signs from metropolitan tribes transform you while you tell me yet another story, you hypnotise me with soft words and enchanting reflections.

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