“Hi there silly!”

She run away so fast then stopped at the highway restaurant with the desire to hear him again, looking for any excuse to write him.
“Hi there silly!”
I forgot everything at your place.
The pullover in color aquamarine, an infinite amount of smiles from which you deserve just a little, the ring with the blue stone and the beautiful PittieSisi earrings that you gave me when you broke my finger closing the front door of the car. You certainly no longer remember either the jewels or my finger. But I care about both of them. And stop saying  that you love my girlish hands!
Since we will see each other again in three weeks if all goes well, unless you want to do the usual 200 kilometers right away to bring them back, I thought of doing me a small gift. New PittieSisi earrings … beautiful big hoops… look here!
With the ring that fits marvellously!
Keep the pullover well and most of all the smiles…

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