Christmas letter

My Christmas letter? Memories of a child… Expectation, surprise, emotion, colored shapes, rigorous black, red, white boxes, blush shades and stars… shiny ribbons, scents of wood and snow, soft lights of flickering candles, fires, holograms and laser blades… Shouldn’t we give ourselves nothing? Just a thought you said holding me so tight that almost hurts. I am writing you my Christmas letter again this year! A thought for the new year… and it’s already Valentine’s Day, and my birthday, and summer… Just a thought! Last year’s rainbow was more beautiful than the one you gave me for our first Christmas together. How many years have been past? Do you still remember how I’ve got crazy?! How many colors we’ve  changed?! Then I wanted the whole collection! This year just a thought… like every year. A thought for every caress, for every kiss, for all your silences and for my laughter, for every forbidden moment, for our hands… Just a thought at Christmas and then… you know…

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