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kisses and caresses

Hearts, stars, flowers, moons, small and large tattoos drawn by the sun, you bring light pendants under the rain, you make them swing on the wind, you play with your fingers and mix with your hair the earrings that are always different… moons and stars, flowers and hearts. Light symbols, childish games that slip everywhere, […]

Jewels play with the sun

I know you desire big jewels and sun to play with the reflections. You want round earrings that reach almost your  shoulders and draw infinite curves between your neck and  arms and symmetries in between your hair. Light and round earrings just like the round bangles that run along your wrists. Today the sun waited […]

Hands that touch

You touch your front with that usual gesture that I know so well. It means look at me and it has nothing to do with your rebellious red locks. Hands that mark the air, unpredictable like butterflies, hands colored by many rings, hands that let of lightnings like revolvers loaded with flowers. Impertinent hands that […]

Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is…

Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is emotions, strange, rigorous and crooked shapes, geometries, curls, words that tell us about smiles and tears of joy but not always… Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is shapes of metal and colored stones, ideas that become jewels only to contact of skin, hands, female gazes.Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is a strong and light writing, made of sharp and hard letters, […]

Flowers, flowers, flowers…

It is all a blossoming of mimosas, primroses, violets… a flowering of light texture skirts with large splashes of color, an intertwining of stems and corollas,  green grassy backgrounds and skies full of white clouds.If last year the catwalks all over the world saw the explosion of many floral motifs, certainly the wind of colored […]

What a splendid sun!

It feels like summer. Your marvellous jewels multiply in geometric reflections on the edge of your skin, draw light curves, clear rectangles fade into your magical shadows that surround me. When you move everything changes, the drawings of the sun stretch over your perfect curves like long fingers that transform you into a kaleidoscope. Your […]

The Crosses of Rainbow Classic Jewels

The cross as a graphic symbol existed in many pre-Christian cultures. Symbol of life reworked over the centuries often as a simple decorative element becomes texture, deforms, becomes complicated in symmetrical and spiral geometric shapes until it becomes in the  60s onwards a recurring decoration in many fashion collections of famous brands.  Raimbow Classic jewels […]

Mirrorballs jewels

As Wiki writes, Studio 54 was the hottest nightclub in New York in late seventies. Located at number 254 on West 54th Street in Manhattan, it quickly became the center of New York nightlife and the symbol of the nightlife madness of the entire planet. An immense mirror-ball in which the glittering outfits of the […]

Valentine’s Day give us crazy rush for…

Rainbow Colors rings are promises of smiles. They are certainties of small joys that will always repeat themselves…Valentine’s Day give us crazy rush for colors and spring that obesess us now while there are still dark days with low clouds. What a desire for colors, for unexpected rains that suddenly become rainbows. Desire for laughter, […]

smile-catching jewels

You always smile, behave like crazy and love that they  looked at you when you walk. You slow down on purpose and turn around, you laugh, look at the world watching at you and smile again. You share looks, light, joy and the desire to play. Long necklaces to take with you your goodbyes for […]