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Imagine the colors

Imagine the colors, feel how they becomes even more real. The black and white film isolates the details, enhances the shapes, tells of blue, purple, cognac transparencies…of diaphanous hands, gold reflections, glows and darkness. The infinite shades of gray multiplies in the dark in blades of light and long silhouettes blurred on the walls, on […]

Chaîns d’amour… a bit of madness

Long necklaces and rings flat and shiny as mirrors, you reflect there your dreams and all words you don’t say. I don’t know if you smile, if you are happy for a moment or you make fun of me. I lose myself in the infinite chains that bind me and surround you. Shiny darting coils. […]

Earrings, earrings, earrings…

You look at you  in the mirror and with an automatic gesture you fill in the gap between your smile and your hair. Earrings, earrings, earrings… chandeliers, hoops… long enogh to reach your shoulders, large or just small signs. Pittiesisi invents soft shapes for you, large drawn circles, essential geometries, elegant pendants that sometimes dare […]

Colored thoughts

The colors of the natural stones of Rainbow rings perfectly match your eyes, make them laugh, reflect the light of the strange flashes that cross them. When you frown and protect yourself from the sun with your fingers crossed, your Rainbow colors are tinged with stronger notes and a moment later they become transparent like […]

Shiny kisses

Simple and soft shapes full of colors. Shiny rings, round frames and squares, rounded, smooth, fill the fingers, mark the gestures, markers of caresses, multiply in the windows cut into wedges by gluttonous gazes. Bon bon in five transparent colors. Sorbets glacée blue Topaz, green quartz, violet, smoky and cognac, gelatinous delicacies. Luxurious rings. Rainbow […]


You interlace your long fingers, play with them for a moment and then slowly slip your index finger across the wet mirror. Squint your eyes and then laugh. Your large, shine rings rifflect the world around. You look in between just like a great dirictore for a perfect shot. You cut a piece of the […]

Chaîns d’amour in Venice

At  Accademia Bridge you were posing, you were behaveing like crazy on the green background of the water. You enjoyed like a child showing yourself to the world. You laughed and with the long necklace you were playing the fatal Diva, magical and ironic, one red hair Jean Harlow. Chaîns d’amour in Venice! The earrings, […]


What Rainbow do you want?!Yellow?Light blue?Green?The largest ring that match with the color of your eyes…As the color of your hairViola?Same as your light dress?Smoke graylike the cloudstake twoone green and one yellowthat match the sandy color of your skinput on the blue onelike the sea.Put them alland let’s go dancing!