Without earrings I feel naked!

“… without earrings I feel naked!” How many times have we heard it? Earrings like hair are the frame of the face. They highlight it, illuminate it, attract the eyes. PITTIESISI earrings are the perfect accessories for the most elegant outfits. Very light volumes that dress the soul and make every woman feel wrapped in her magical aura. Slow movements, shiny sparkles and soft surfaces with silky reflections in the four colors of the PITTIESISI silver. Deep black burnished, warm gold, old rose and glacial silver. Warm and cold shades to mix and overlap on all complexions like beauty creams, like stage lights that can enhance every face. CLASSIC, which has been dressing women all over the world for thirty years, is the historical collection of PITTIESISI. In addition to an infinite range of earrings, PITTIESISI classic necklaces and bracelets with wide links and rings with important volumes are part. All Classic jewels are made in addition to four colors with surfaces with glossy and / or scratched finishes. Paraphrasing the famous statements of many maître à penser who affirm the essential need to wear black, many women in the world will say “… without classic PITTIESISI I feel naked!”

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