PITTIESISI, always synonymous with unconventional elegance, offers a style beyond any scheme, a research that combines art and design, refined craftsmanship and liberating creativity. A brand that expands its breath beyond jewelry in a game of references and inspirations that appropriate the sensorial experiences of the visual arts in all their forms, from sculpture to graphics, from photography to architecture to immerse themselves in the infinite emotional space of the cinema and music. Inspirations that translate into essential shapes, rounded volumes furrowed by soft concavities, specular surfaces and geometric textures, material processes that take up the ribs and grain sizes of natural materials and mix them with unexpected inventions. Thin slabs stretch, curl up, close in rhythmic geometric shapes, spheres, cubes, cylinders, cannulas add up and deform, inventing the abacus from which to draw to create infinite decorations. Modern tribal signs with which to stand out and recognize oneself. New jewels to wear as a tattoo to which to add other adamant signs of your personality or to mix and change following the wind of the seasons, your mood swings, colors and playful inventions of fashion. Each PittieSisi jewel is a game, a creative invention that belongs only to those who adorn it. To those who illuminate its light and mix it with the colors of its clothes, its shadows, the reflections of hair and eyes, transparencies, flashes and the sounds of sudden gestures.