What a magical earrings you have!

You gave yourself earrings almost as big as the light of your eyes! Now how do I look at you? You turn slowly concentrated as if you were on the green in the middle of your perfect swing. The earrings follow you light as butterflies. You approach in your white dress, barefoot, you stand on tiptoe and hug me. My hands at the end of your hair look for the two large circles of light but find only your face. I tickle your nose, as always before kissing you. What magical earrings you have! A moment ago I couldn’t find them and now they caress your cheekbones and shoulders like jewels of an ancient slave. I tell you and laugh like crazy … Yes, just like an ancient slave! Do your perfect swing again as before and disappear followed by the cat. I have the rustle of a light, the scent of your gaze and the desire for large earrings printed in the eyes.

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