Shiny kisses

Simple and soft shapes full of colors. Shiny rings, round frames and squares, rounded, smooth, fill the fingers, mark the gestures, markers of caresses, multiply in the windows cut into wedges by gluttonous gazes. Bon bon in five transparent colors. Sorbets glacée blue Topaz, green quartz, violet, smoky and cognac, gelatinous delicacies. Luxurious rings. Rainbow Classic, Cla Ring, rings made of sun and rain. Shiny kisses to be sent by touching your fingers.


You interlace your long fingers, play with them for a moment and then slowly slip your index finger across the wet mirror. Squint your eyes and then laugh. Your large, shine rings rifflect the world around. You look in between just like a great dirictore for a perfect shot. You cut a piece of the world and keep it in your pocket. Wave from far with hand wide open so everything around sparkle. You point with your index finger and we lough without reason. You reflect the world so from plaine becomes round and fabulous. Painted fingers that play on bar tables, follow the rhythm of the trafic frenetic and then suddenly slow. It’s red, you stand up and you run away living behind you in the air trace of light and sparkle.  Urban design ring’s PITTIESISI reflects the city

Chaîns d’amour in Venice

At  Accademia Bridge you were posing, you were behaveing like crazy on the green background of the water. You enjoyed like a child showing yourself to the world. You laughed and with the long necklace you were playing the fatal Diva, magical and ironic, one red hair Jean Harlow. Chaîns d’amour in Venice! The earrings, large and light hoops, flew like bubbles of gold. You’ve got serious just to make fun at me, I was playing your game and trying to be Clark Gable without succeeding. You didn’t notice anything, you pointed your fingers in the direction of the Salute and ran down towards the Guggenheim, the rings as luminous signs, trails reflected in the Grand Canal, enthusiastic about your international audience, all those people who came from America and China to see Venice and now lost in your laughter. A narrow street and… Hello! Disappeared behind golden reflections and echoes of smiles.


What Rainbow do you want?!
Light blue?
The largest ring that match with the color of your eyes…
As the color of your hair
Same as your light dress?
Smoke gray
like the clouds
take two
one green and one yellow
that match the sandy color of your skin
put on the blue one
like the sea.
Put them all
and let’s go dancing!

Magnificent imperfections

Perfection, what a great nonsense! How beautiful are the magnificent imperfections of a lawn, of a cloud, of a face…the beauty of our large natural stones that have nothing perfect but the charm and magic of coming from the earth and having been worked by our hands. Colors of water, sky, metals, rocks…absolutely transparent stones and other milky ones, rich in variegated inclusions or pierced by a thousand golden needles like the splendid rutilated quartz. Stones on which the light rests softly and others from which it bounces in every direction. Stones all different, unique, recognizable as the eyes, the hair, the hands we love. Gorgeous jewels, each different, full of magnificent imperfections.


Our STATUS SYMBOL of summer love to play with colors, with floral patterns of light fabrics, with pieces of sky and sea, with all shades of hair and tattoo shadows, they cut out flowers, hearts, stars and wedges of the moon on the skin. They are frames of lawns and mirrors. All the colors of summer take the shapes of our STATUS SYMBOL. Violet of hydrangeas sighted in the heart, white, black and blue of chiffon, shiny green of grass, red sunsets and nights of your color in which to lose my eyes. Long necklaces and rings, light earrings to frame thoughts, songs, caresses and emotions.  

I spied the mirror that stole your image

Classic Rainbow is not just fabulous rings. It’s magic of lights, a diagram of shapes and colors that make your charm speak. I spied the mirror that stole your image  while you standstill dressed only with the sun were looking for an idea to wear. Dazzled I lost the moment in which it all happened. Your black tunic covers you and hide nothing, suorounding you like a cloud of light shadows, brushstrokes on your skin illuminated by aqua-green quartz, from long necklaces that arrives everywhere with many different pendants. How strange, a single ring, big and round… you who usually fill all the fingers. Light bangles and a huge single earring that says all about you. Fly and take me away with you.

Stones of the earth

I use to spent hours looking for stones on the bed of the stream, in the mountains, you were lying motionless on the same stones, talking to the clouds, your feet that every now was searching for the frost of the shiny water. For the same passion, the same game, the desire to caress smooth and round shapes in all possible shades, I searched for THE STONES OF THE EARTH and tied them to your fingers, pink and green tourmalines, aquamarines, rutilated quartz so beautiful to make evil eyes, amethysts, turquoise and many others that for me are still nameless colored stones, smoothed by water, the one that has the good fortune to pass all over you, make your skin even smoother, let me imagine a thousand ways of bind you to THE STONES OF THE EARTH. All different big rings. Unique and precious pieces like breaths, like rain, wind, sun, earth. As natural as love.

Dancing in Venice

I hardly remember Venice, the stones, the water, the gondolas…but I still have your laugh when you were beehaving like crazy. I have all your photos, the long necklaces moved with you and surrounded you with reflections, flashes of light. Everyone was looking at you. You looked like Diva from one of those movies from ’30 with fatal actresses, white phones… When we started dancing between puddles near the fish market, in Rialto, that Japanese group even forgot about shopping just to take us photo…
Applause, compiments and in there eyes the desire to steal your jewels…

A magical summer night

PITTIESISI Status Symbols are jewels as large and light as butterflies. You run pushed by the wind chased by swarms of glitter. My old Nikon take long time to shoot. I steal all the moonlight and draw the long paths of your path. I get entangled in the thin web made by the reflections of your earrings, by the glow of the  rings trace in your hair. I play with the fire of “symbols”, the caresses slide on your skin and I write stories of hearts. It’s a magical summer night, tomorrow there will be stars, moons, flowers…