Rainbow, rings that leave you a sensation of joy!

Rainbow rings always remind me of shiny popsicles on your lips when you are looking for something cold. They are colorful thrills. Shiny juices that drip on you, color your eyes, slide away along the perfumed mirrors of mint, cognac and pastis. Make you desire to fill your hands or bring a different one every day. Tattooed gazes, dazzled by the reflections of your transparent quartzes, play counting on your fingers up to fifty-six and then backwards into all your stories. The one of the blue August stone engraved with black lace embroidery between the amber skin. Purple and yellow stories, green escapes and smoke. You count them on your fingers and watch them run away like lawns, open your hand on the window glass and caress them. Rings that leave you a sensation of joy.

Let me look at you. You’re always beautiful!

Rainbow Classic Cross is a large cross-shaped pendant made of quadrangular or round tiles in which beautiful quartz in five color variations are set. Rainbow Classic Cross are also asymmetrical earrings with a strong personality. Rainbow Classic Cross is one of the many ways that PITTIESISI offers you to break the mold, to play with elegance to be subtly transgressive, to be what you want, as you want, when you want.
Let me look at you.
You’re always beautiful!

Rainbow gifts

Rainbow gifts
colors to wear
magic words
promises, smiles, hugs,
caresses and hands
thoughts of you
shiny purple eros,
magical blue quartz,
warm sun scents 
iridescent reflections on
light hands
long necklaces
to mix,
rainbow jewels
light tattoo
memories of kisses,
monochrome signs
and colorful outfits
blue and yellow loves
thought gift
kaleidoscope of emotions
amulet, magic ring
indelible blue scratches
dew drops.
Rainbow Gifts …

Rainbow, moments, caresses streaked of colors

Rainbow jewels have blossomed this spring in an infinity of shapes and colors. They mixed with light fabrics that caress your tanned skin. Rings with round  or squares stones, the new trilogy with many degraded shades. Long earrings plunge into the cascade of soft necklaces that draw you. It’s so nice seeing you walking with that slow slouching step followed by the wind. Many rings decorate your fingers, long necklaces draw intriguing curves and the breath of the earrings caresses your neck, I steal fragments of smooth skin streaked with colors, blurred images and blurred looks. Blessed spring!

Geometric emotions

Squares and circles, maybe triangles, long rectangles, ellipses…The Geometrika are jewels made of essential shapes, shiny and soft, frosted silver pastries. Long chains, earrings, rings they play on the skin. Long shadows, reflections, slow oscillations between lips and fingers. Jewels that tell about you, about your strange looks, about you when you are serious and read absorbed, and then you burst out laughing, you get up and throw your hands in the air. Large rings and pendants, marks for your selfies, indelible marks, thrills. Long chains from magnetic vibrations.
Geometric emotions.

All the colours of the Earth

The rings of the earth are the most romantic thing in the world… mah! Sombody say so. I read tons of panegyrics around the jewels, all the same, the fault of the SEO, so extra sweet to caused diabetes. Smooth and shiny they look like those stones that our eccentric grandparents used to put everywhere before breaking their heads with the club. The rings of the earth fool you with those colors so natural that you do not believe in the golden specks of rutile, the cognacs, the always different blues of aquamarines, the pinks that not even Ferragni does. Then it is time to give a gift, take what you wanted for yourself, the ogive amethyst, and you start writing the note promising yourself that you do not say certain niceties, that you are original, witty…

The colors of the soul

The colors of the soul
are smiles,
melancholies and
loud laughter,
tears and
sweet words.
are memories,
rings that crawl the walls
with fire lights,
purple nights,
green gazes,
blue solitudes,
smoke shadows,
games to be lost,
rings that keep 
an instant

It is Spring, blossoms Trilogy!

The colors of Rainbow Trilogy are multiplying in all shades of the rainbow and very soon they will color the spring that is already invading us with flowers. It will be a riot of blue, yellow, purple, green shades mixed with the patterns of light clothes that already fly through the streets, in offices, schools, at the seaside, fast bicycles and car windows full of colors. The rainbow rings bloom in trefoil corollas and become earrings, pendants … floral sets around shoots of smiles. Go and discover all the colors of spring, Trilogy blooms!

Click! Click Click!

I only see your left eye clicking. You use the large circle you hang around your neck as the lens of your magic photo camera. Click, click… your long lashes are a megatronic shutter that captures me in a twenty thousandth of a second. You couldn’t wait to jump into the sixties to steal the GEOMETRIKA you put it all over. From your straight, long hair, square earrings flash, like rings that fill your fingers. Jewels that frame splendid knuckles, perfect lobes, rogue eyelashes… And then? And then, and then… I steal the large round pendant that you replace in a moment with the other that you have been hiding behind you, a frame like everything else. I steal all the GEOMETRIKA PITTIESISI and click, I place them on your skin everywhere, I steal images with precise contours framed by PITTIESISI. Stay still! Look at me!
Click! Click Click!

Metropolitan mirrors

Shiny rings  reflects like water the shadows and lights of the city that revolves around you. Soft curves metropolitan mirrors reverberate yellow flashes, streaks of red lights, large rectangles of shop windows, dark shadows that run away, fashion outfits, umbrellas, scarves, wind, flashes… Move your hands and capture the life that is mirrored in the shiny drops of your rings. You paint the walls with lines of quick reflections, cut the darkness of a window and run away.
The URBAN PITTIESISI rings, splendid signs on your fingers with their shiny surfaces amplify the light, your colors and the world that dances around you.