“Hi there silly!”

She run away so fast then stopped at the highway restaurant with the desire to hear him again, looking for any excuse to write him.
“Hi there silly!”
I forgot everything at your place.
The pullover in color aquamarine, an infinite amount of smiles from which you deserve just a little, the ring with the blue stone and the beautiful PittieSisi earrings that you gave me when you broke my finger closing the front door of the car. You certainly no longer remember either the jewels or my finger. But I care about both of them. And stop saying  that you love my girlish hands!
Since we will see each other again in three weeks if all goes well, unless you want to do the usual 200 kilometers right away to bring them back, I thought of doing me a small gift. New PittieSisi earrings … beautiful big hoops… look here!
With the ring that fits marvellously!
Keep the pullover well and most of all the smiles…

Precious clues

The earrings had been left there, on the low table, an oval of black marquinia marble, the white veins like veins under the skin, the light dust powder. A blade of light cut diagonally across the immense, white bed left unmade. lapped and sparkled the blue, transparent and shiny stones to finish on the wall. Emptiness, silence of a sudden abandonment. The only clue was the classic small circles with large stones as eyes on the bedside table. The mirror floated in the dim light still marked by intimate suspended transparencies.
The reflection of her profile was still there, trapped in the crystal between the dark locks, silver circles between the wet fingers of an sea out of season. The slender line of the back bent over the mirror to look for details now mixed by caresses, to try to correct the poured mascara, to remake an lipstick consumed. The blue video still contained them. A caress that brushed aside her hair, her sudden turn, her smiles and looks at the end of an late September afternoon… Silver reflections among the soft gestures. Rainbow Classic blue earrings … unique precious clues of an intimacy still close.

What a magical earrings you have!

You gave yourself earrings almost as big as the light of your eyes! Now how do I look at you? You turn slowly concentrated as if you were on the green in the middle of your perfect swing. The earrings follow you light as butterflies. You approach in your white dress, barefoot, you stand on tiptoe and hug me. My hands at the end of your hair look for the two large circles of light but find only your face. I tickle your nose, as always before kissing you. What magical earrings you have! A moment ago I couldn’t find them and now they caress your cheekbones and shoulders like jewels of an ancient slave. I tell you and laugh like crazy … Yes, just like an ancient slave! Do your perfect swing again as before and disappear followed by the cat. I have the rustle of a light, the scent of your gaze and the desire for large earrings printed in the eyes.

Without earrings I feel naked!

“… without earrings I feel naked!” How many times have we heard it? Earrings like hair are the frame of the face. They highlight it, illuminate it, attract the eyes. PITTIESISI earrings are the perfect accessories for the most elegant outfits. Very light volumes that dress the soul and make every woman feel wrapped in her magical aura. Slow movements, shiny sparkles and soft surfaces with silky reflections in the four colors of the PITTIESISI silver. Deep black burnished, warm gold, old rose and glacial silver. Warm and cold shades to mix and overlap on all complexions like beauty creams, like stage lights that can enhance every face. CLASSIC, which has been dressing women all over the world for thirty years, is the historical collection of PITTIESISI. In addition to an infinite range of earrings, PITTIESISI classic necklaces and bracelets with wide links and rings with important volumes are part. All Classic jewels are made in addition to four colors with surfaces with glossy and / or scratched finishes. Paraphrasing the famous statements of many maître à penser who affirm the essential need to wear black, many women in the world will say “… without classic PITTIESISI I feel naked!”