Free, free, free…

Free, free, free… with those long chains that swing and draw your neck and hips. You walk on the beach and look like on the Red carpet, the silver reflections mix with the light of the waves as they measure the rhythm of your steps. Free, free, free… chains bright and soft make you even more free, as if you had just escaped and taken them away with you, like love tattoos on your skin. Long chains with large irregular circles hold your breath. I play to tie you up and you pretend to get angry, you roll and laugh, camouflaged in the sand I look for you following the light of our chains, our  Chains d’amour, circles as big as earrings and bracelets of a slave, so many rings to hurt, hot, cold, shivers, interlacing your fingers and…
Free, free, free, Chains d’amour to lose your mind, run, play … what do you say?
Dress as you wish. You are beautiful!

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