All colors of Valentine

There are already less than a thousand kisses to Valentine’s Day and we are still here insecure about a million things. For example, what are the colors of love?
What is fuchsia?
Is red means love?
They say so!
They say so? At least one certainty please!
And yellow?
Even no! Why ever? The color of the sun!
What about purple?
Yes, at least there is no doubt on this.
Light blue?
Calm, tranquility, silence, deep satisfaction.
Of course, comes after purple!:-)
We choose the colors that our partner likes, the ones that suit them best, on the skin,on the hair, on the eyes, the colors they love to wear.
Rainbow jewels by Pittiesisi, rings, earrings and pendants in different sizes with blue, purple, smoky, green and cognac quartz.
Remembering that if Valentine’s Day is the feast of lovers, all the other days of the year are perfect for gestures of love to be repeated endlessly with many small surprises.

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