Love is as trite as a poem heard thousand times, like a song that always rhymes with heart, like all foolish gifts for lovers, like the thousand hearts that take shape everywhere, engraved, drawn, breathed or just thought. Hearts of boys and girls and young old people who are still stringing each other hands. Kisses, caresses, gasps that can’t wait for Valentine’s Day, that are in a hurry for lips, eyes, skin and dreams made true every day with a thousand gifts, hearts and stars, thoughts, games, symbols engraved on the arms, on the hands looking for the soft warmth of the usual words…

Les enfants qui s’aiment s’embrassent debout
Contre les portes de la nuit
Et les passants qui passent les désignent du doigt
Mais les enfants qui s’aiment
Ne sont là pour personne
Et c’est seulement leur ombre
Qui tremble dans la nuit
Excitant la rage des passants
Leur rage leur mépris leurs rires et leur envie
Les enfants qui s’aiment ne sont là pour personne
Ils sont alleurs bien plus loin que la nuit
Bien plus haut que le jour
Dans l’éblouissante clarté de leur premier amour.

Jacques Prevert

A classic beauty

Adorn yourself, characterize your image, send signals with your body is the most direct way to communicate. Clothes, tattoos, hairstyles, accessories, jewels are writing tools like words, looks, smiles.
She wore a golden magic on which adoring glances, lights, sudden shadows, flashes reflected themselves… Earrings, rings and pendants with classic and strong geometries at the same time, almost transgressive. Perfect, simply beautiful with nothing to add, it make you think of the beauty of the fornarine, of the gioconde, of the veiled women painted five hundred years ago. Dressed in simplicity and fantasy, she moved like a wave of transparent and colored light…

In Venice every gift becomes a memory

…every emotion is stronger, all smiles are as big as the sky above the lagoon. Laughter, looks, thoughts, caresses, kisses… even your grimaces, your games leave marks on the skin, indelible, precious tattoos, jewels that your gestures confuse with the reflections of the water. The rings become circles of light, gothic vitrage the shiny stones, long waves replicate the curves on which your necklaces play, the same ones designed by the hair that conceal and show flashes from your earrings lucky to be so close… so close as to whisper you all the stories of travelers suspended in to the golden city light. Venice transforms the emotions into its unique light… melancholy already fades behind the wet train windows at the end of the liberty bridge…

And then make love.

Life is poetry and our jewels are life and poetry, they slip into the folds of the verses between the caresses of words, into emotions caused by a long necklace on naked skin, in the entanglement of a hand in the hair and a large earrings, light and with soft shapes that won’t leave you anymore. Our rings mark the hands that embrace, squeeze and join warm, the fingers that brush, give colors and holds to hang kisses. Dress your smooth skin only with jewels … Soft necklaces, luminous earrings, large rings and round bangles …

“And then make love.
No sex, just love.
And by this I mean
slow kisses on the mouth, on the neck,
on the belly, on the back,
bites on the lips,
intertwined hands,
and eyes inside eyes
I mean, hugs so tight
to become one thing,
bodies stuck and souls in collision,
caresses on the scratches
clothes off, together with fears,
kisses on our weaknesses,
on the signs of a life
which, until then
had been a little wrong.
I mean, fingers on the bodies,
creating constellations,
smelling scents,
hearts beating together,
breaths traveling
at the same pace.
And then smiles,
true, after some time
they hadn’t been anymore
make love and don’t feel ashamed,
because love is art,
and you’re the masterpieces.”

Alda Merini

“Hi there silly!”

She run away so fast then stopped at the highway restaurant with the desire to hear him again, looking for any excuse to write him.
“Hi there silly!”
I forgot everything at your place.
The pullover in color aquamarine, an infinite amount of smiles from which you deserve just a little, the ring with the blue stone and the beautiful PittieSisi earrings that you gave me when you broke my finger closing the front door of the car. You certainly no longer remember either the jewels or my finger. But I care about both of them. And stop saying  that you love my girlish hands!
Since we will see each other again in three weeks if all goes well, unless you want to do the usual 200 kilometers right away to bring them back, I thought of doing me a small gift. New PittieSisi earrings … beautiful big hoops… look here!
With the ring that fits marvellously!
Keep the pullover well and most of all the smiles…

Free, free, free…

Free, free, free… with those long chains that swing and draw your neck and hips. You walk on the beach and look like on the Red carpet, the silver reflections mix with the light of the waves as they measure the rhythm of your steps. Free, free, free… chains bright and soft make you even more free, as if you had just escaped and taken them away with you, like love tattoos on your skin. Long chains with large irregular circles hold your breath. I play to tie you up and you pretend to get angry, you roll and laugh, camouflaged in the sand I look for you following the light of our chains, our  Chains d’amour, circles as big as earrings and bracelets of a slave, so many rings to hurt, hot, cold, shivers, interlacing your fingers and…
Free, free, free, Chains d’amour to lose your mind, run, play … what do you say?
Dress as you wish. You are beautiful!

Chaîns d’amour

In this strange spring where we are slowly slowly going back to life, we still feel the “chaîns d’amour” that have kept us close to the people we love. Impalpable love chains, made of memories, images, words, endless phone calls, messages, video-chats… bread crumbs, pebbles that, as in fairy tales, reassured us that we would find our way home, the way of the heart … Like once upon time in difficult moments, love letters were kept forever, crumpled photos, small objects, symbolic pawns, jewels. CHAINS D’AMOUR PITTIESISI, are our silver chains, very light, soft and sensual like kisses. A collection of live jewels, rings with soft shapes, bangles that play on the wrists and earrings like feathers that caress the face.
Promises of a summer full of life, smiles and love…
Petites, douces chaîns d’amour…


Without earrings I feel naked!

“… without earrings I feel naked!” How many times have we heard it? Earrings like hair are the frame of the face. They highlight it, illuminate it, attract the eyes. PITTIESISI earrings are the perfect accessories for the most elegant outfits. Very light volumes that dress the soul and make every woman feel wrapped in her magical aura. Slow movements, shiny sparkles and soft surfaces with silky reflections in the four colors of the PITTIESISI silver. Deep black burnished, warm gold, old rose and glacial silver. Warm and cold shades to mix and overlap on all complexions like beauty creams, like stage lights that can enhance every face. CLASSIC, which has been dressing women all over the world for thirty years, is the historical collection of PITTIESISI. In addition to an infinite range of earrings, PITTIESISI classic necklaces and bracelets with wide links and rings with important volumes are part. All Classic jewels are made in addition to four colors with surfaces with glossy and / or scratched finishes. Paraphrasing the famous statements of many maître à penser who affirm the essential need to wear black, many women in the world will say “… without classic PITTIESISI I feel naked!”

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