The Crosses of Rainbow Classic Jewels

The cross as a graphic symbol existed in many pre-Christian cultures. Symbol of life reworked over the centuries often as a simple decorative element becomes texture, deforms, becomes complicated in symmetrical and spiral geometric shapes until it becomes in the  60s onwards a recurring decoration in many fashion collections of famous brands.  Raimbow Classic jewels by Pittiesisi appropriate the cruciform geometries with ironic lightness, referring to the infinite interpretations exploited by art over the centuries, from the baroque redundancy to the chromatic inventions of pop-art. Puzzles that make up and break down. Large asymmetrical earrings  surprisingly light, pendants with very long chains, solar games and outfits wrapped in thuribular mists. Winking provocations and smiles, questioning looks, disguises and colorful inventions.
All Rainbow Classic and Rainbow Colors jewels are available with quartz, Cognac, Fumè, Green, Purple and Blue in round or quadrangular shapes.
For colorful days and nights.

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