Jewels are words

Jewels like everything we wear communicate like words. Much more than a words. They speak from the window, from the packaging, they speak on themselves, they speak casually placed next to the mirror …
I noticed her at the bar yesterday morning immersed in the usual breakfast made almost in a trance lost in the windows of a still virgin day. She proudly showoff her ring, the large blue stone with the same shade as her eyes. Same sparkles from the movements of his tapered hand. Imperceptible fingers on the table, sweeping gestures as she gathered her long blond hair. A thousand phrases, barely mentioned words belonging to no longer in use vocabularies, tells of happiness, belonging, desire, essence, brief hints to her splendid vanity and pages, pages of sensual provocations …
Never seen before, she spoke to the world from her ring as if she had poems printed on her, like a neon sign, naked in the middle of a crowd. The long necklace played impertinently on her and was held at bay by the same hand enlighten with blue, that dusty and shiny blue that only certain aquamarines imbued with the perfume of the hips and the light of the eyes. Games, distorted messages, endless novels, phrases thrown there as references, short stories. Dazzles, reflexes so as not to consume too important words, silences that are much more vivid than the useless chatter of seduction … She had crawled over me with her eyes and suddenly left, leaving the day still to begin without end.

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