Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is…

Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is emotions, strange, rigorous and crooked shapes, geometries, curls, words that tell us about smiles and tears of joy but not always… Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is shapes of metal and colored stones, ideas that become jewels only to contact of skin, hands, female gazes.
Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is a strong and light writing, made of sharp and hard letters, of soft sexi curves, of wide backgrounds, of a bed of thin evocative signs.
Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is the sum of Tuscan names, ancient heraldic stories and popular traditions, trades and centuries of refinement craftsmanship … dreams and the breath of a dense air of art. It is invention, the pursuit of pleasure and beauty.
It is a white sign that comes out of the shadows or black that draws the light. Pittiesisi-hedonistic-jewels is white or black but it can suddenly turn magenta, turquoise, baby blue or sage…
It is invention, game, fashion, a sign that turns again and again, becomes large or subtle, impertinent or gentle, very elegant even when his only aim is to amaze… to hug, runs for making love and smiles.

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