The hands of a women

The hands of a women are hands for large rings placed between the forehead and cheekbones as if to defend themselves from sudden flashes, to hide thoughts and invisible signs. Shiny and scratched rings, gold shields, games, impalpable seductions. Long thin fingers, girlish nails and colored rings draw the air as fast as swallows.Hands made of tender carees and colorful aperitifs,  hands resting on the wheel in reckless night drive, traffic light signals written with silver reflections. Malicious hands of voile with small light rings, plots of desires caress and silence in infinite tender loving touches between the neck and the ankles. Hands to laugh, fingers from irreverent marks, from strange rings, orange stones and vaffa… Hands from tears on the backs stained by mascara, black curls made, redone and stoned by fingers and rings drowned in the perfume of the hair. Nervous hands from stupid smartphones between fast thumbs and T9. Rings made of words, wrong messages, rings to smash screens and make rainbows. Hands to be disheveled, mops and freckles of children. Hands to change the baby. Magic hands sunk into a large mysterious bags. Rings and love, rings, rings, rings and thoughts, games, emotions…
The hands of the women draw the life of light.

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