Cuore rhymes with amore

Cuore rhymes with amore, crazy heart… it slips everywhere, songs and movies, fills instagram,
Give me three words / Amore, fiore, cuore / Give me a kiss that doesn’t make you talk / It’s love that wants you… The heart is a metaphor, it’s half of life, it’s half of everything, it’s a final destination… it’s almost impossible to read all the nonsense written on the heart without someone hitting us in the heart and making us jump like an extrasystole at the end of a race. Someone had thought of a cure for sludge pile pages, he said, we should abolish love from all poems, songs, we would avoid silly metaphors. But what if we put our hearts everywhere? Like earrings to better hear the love, hanging from the neck, on the breast, because it beats in symbiosis with our heart. On the fingers as a caresses activator. Small, large silver hearts, many cuore to rhyme with amore, fiore…crazy italians…
Stop laughing Valentine’s Day is coming !!!

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