What remains of the night.

The last necklace I gave you is called Chaîns d’amour… When I said it you started laughing. Slave jewelry! Long chains with irregular links and rigid bracelets like handcuffs that you make look amused. Tie me up! And put your hands together, you show me your wrists, the fingers with big rings, the amber skin marked by golden reflections. You snuggle up and it feels so easy to catch and hold you in a brutal fake grip. There is no escape! You laugh even louder, you gasp and, suddenly, you turn around and take me prisoner. What beautiful earrings!
Chaîns d’amour… I trace the light marks on your skin slowly with the tips of my fingers. You pretend to escape, you stop and… you are beautiful dressed only by the lunar reflections of the long necklaces, by the circles of light of the bracelets that draw your hands. You put your fingers on your lips, Sssssh! The sinuous trails of the large and soft rings illuminate what remains of the night.

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