What remains of the night.

The last necklace I gave you is called Chaîns d’amour… When I said it you started laughing. Slave jewelry! Long chains with irregular links and rigid bracelets like handcuffs that you make look amused. Tie me up! And put your hands together, you show me your wrists, the fingers with big rings, the amber skin marked by golden reflections. You snuggle up and it feels so easy to catch and hold you in a brutal fake grip. There is no escape! You laugh even louder, you gasp and, suddenly, you turn around and take me prisoner. What beautiful earrings!
Chaîns d’amour… I trace the light marks on your skin slowly with the tips of my fingers. You pretend to escape, you stop and… you are beautiful dressed only by the lunar reflections of the long necklaces, by the circles of light of the bracelets that draw your hands. You put your fingers on your lips, Sssssh! The sinuous trails of the large and soft rings illuminate what remains of the night.

Give yourself the colors of summer PITTIESISI

In the world of silver jewelerys, rings with colored stones are called PITTIESISI. Large rings with intense colored stones in many possible combinations. Squared band shank rings with rounded or square corners in four thicknesses and three colors: golden yellow, white and rose gold. To mention only the single stone ring collection available with cognac, green, smoky and purple quartz and natural sky blue topaz. Many variations of color, shape and size to allow you to choose the ring of your dreams or to give you the possibility to compose infinite shades between your fingers.

A purple light in the dark

In the dark I was thinking about the story of your magic rings. It made me laugh. That time when the oval, large, transparent and full of gold specks hypnotized you by keeping you motionless for almost a whole day, stuck in an absurd catatonia that however saved you from going to the office in the “day of terror” like you still call it. Crazy stuff, in your opinion you saved your ass thanks to your magical PITTIESISI ring. What about the story of that pink round one, your “amulet that bewitches”, as if your charm wasn’t enough… as if you couldn’t get what you want just by raising an eyebrow. I smiled thinking about when you exaggerated with your “Stones of the Earth”, when you filled your fingers with them imagining that you possessed the powers of a witch and forced me to satisfy you in everything, to accompany you everywhere… In the dark your stories seemed true, your breath nearby, stopped for a moment and a purple light came on…
It always take you so little to convince me that your Earth stones are truly magical.

Rainbow gifts

Rainbow gifts
colors to wear
magic words
promises, smiles, hugs,
caresses and hands
thoughts of you
shiny purple eros,
magical blue quartz,
warm sun scents 
iridescent reflections on
light hands
long necklaces
to mix,
rainbow jewels
light tattoo
memories of kisses,
monochrome signs
and colorful outfits
blue and yellow loves
thought gift
kaleidoscope of emotions
amulet, magic ring
indelible blue scratches
dew drops.
Rainbow Gifts …

The colors of the soul

The colors of the soul
are smiles,
melancholies and
loud laughter,
tears and
sweet words.
are memories,
rings that crawl the walls
with fire lights,
purple nights,
green gazes,
blue solitudes,
smoke shadows,
games to be lost,
rings that keep 
an instant

Click! Click Click!

I only see your left eye clicking. You use the large circle you hang around your neck as the lens of your magic photo camera. Click, click… your long lashes are a megatronic shutter that captures me in a twenty thousandth of a second. You couldn’t wait to jump into the sixties to steal the GEOMETRIKA you put it all over. From your straight, long hair, square earrings flash, like rings that fill your fingers. Jewels that frame splendid knuckles, perfect lobes, rogue eyelashes… And then? And then, and then… I steal the large round pendant that you replace in a moment with the other that you have been hiding behind you, a frame like everything else. I steal all the GEOMETRIKA PITTIESISI and click, I place them on your skin everywhere, I steal images with precise contours framed by PITTIESISI. Stay still! Look at me!
Click! Click Click!

Metropolitan mirrors

Shiny rings  reflects like water the shadows and lights of the city that revolves around you. Soft curves metropolitan mirrors reverberate yellow flashes, streaks of red lights, large rectangles of shop windows, dark shadows that run away, fashion outfits, umbrellas, scarves, wind, flashes… Move your hands and capture the life that is mirrored in the shiny drops of your rings. You paint the walls with lines of quick reflections, cut the darkness of a window and run away.
The URBAN PITTIESISI rings, splendid signs on your fingers with their shiny surfaces amplify the light, your colors and the world that dances around you.

Imagine the colors

Imagine the colors, feel how they becomes even more real. The black and white film isolates the details, enhances the shapes, tells of blue, purple, cognac transparencies…of diaphanous hands, gold reflections, glows and darkness. The infinite shades of gray multiplies in the dark in blades of light and long silhouettes blurred on the walls, on the top of the bar table. Rings in the colors of light crawl the air, reflect your mood and multiply it. Imagine, play, invent unique combinations. Large round stones with precious transparent cuts like water alternate between the fingers with solar quadrangular facets. Rings that on your fingers become pieces of rainbow to be recomposed in a thousand kaleidoscopic lights, shadows, caresses and forbidden thoughts.

Chaîns d’amour… a bit of madness

Long necklaces and rings flat and shiny as mirrors, you reflect there your dreams and all words you don’t say. I don’t know if you smile, if you are happy for a moment or you make fun of me. I lose myself in the infinite chains that bind me and surround you. Shiny darting coils. You get up, you sit, you turn and turn around as if you were at my casting for figures of the day to be thrown to the audience of the matinèe. Turns and turns and turns again that the Pittiesisis now look like carousel wires, kissing rings and large hoops for earrings, gold neon, small boats to be cradled on. You stop abruptly, you wave and go away taking the air away. It seems to drown in your emptiness, I run after you following trails of light. Pittiesisi bijoux… “chaîns d’amour” to play a little madness and shine.


You interlace your long fingers, play with them for a moment and then slowly slip your index finger across the wet mirror. Squint your eyes and then laugh. Your large, shine rings rifflect the world around. You look in between just like a great dirictore for a perfect shot. You cut a piece of the world and keep it in your pocket. Wave from far with hand wide open so everything around sparkle. You point with your index finger and we lough without reason. You reflect the world so from plaine becomes round and fabulous. Painted fingers that play on bar tables, follow the rhythm of the trafic frenetic and then suddenly slow. It’s red, you stand up and you run away living behind you in the air trace of light and sparkle.  Urban design ring’s PITTIESISI reflects the city

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