A purple light in the dark

In the dark I was thinking about the story of your magic rings. It made me laugh. That time when the oval, large, transparent and full of gold specks hypnotized you by keeping you motionless for almost a whole day, stuck in an absurd catatonia that however saved you from going to the office in the “day of terror” like you still call it. Crazy stuff, in your opinion you saved your ass thanks to your magical PITTIESISI ring. What about the story of that pink round one, your “amulet that bewitches”, as if your charm wasn’t enough… as if you couldn’t get what you want just by raising an eyebrow. I smiled thinking about when you exaggerated with your “Stones of the Earth”, when you filled your fingers with them imagining that you possessed the powers of a witch and forced me to satisfy you in everything, to accompany you everywhere… In the dark your stories seemed true, your breath nearby, stopped for a moment and a purple light came on…
It always take you so little to convince me that your Earth stones are truly magical.

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