Chaîns d’amour

In this strange spring where we are slowly slowly going back to life, we still feel the “chaîns d’amour” that have kept us close to the people we love. Impalpable love chains, made of memories, images, words, endless phone calls, messages, video-chats… bread crumbs, pebbles that, as in fairy tales, reassured us that we would find our way home, the way of the heart … Like once upon time in difficult moments, love letters were kept forever, crumpled photos, small objects, symbolic pawns, jewels. CHAINS D’AMOUR PITTIESISI, are our silver chains, very light, soft and sensual like kisses. A collection of live jewels, rings with soft shapes, bangles that play on the wrists and earrings like feathers that caress the face.
Promises of a summer full of life, smiles and love…
Petites, douces chaîns d’amour…


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