A purple light in the dark

In the dark I was thinking about the story of your magic rings. It made me laugh. That time when the oval, large, transparent and full of gold specks hypnotized you by keeping you motionless for almost a whole day, stuck in an absurd catatonia that however saved you from going to the office in the “day of terror” like you still call it. Crazy stuff, in your opinion you saved your ass thanks to your magical PITTIESISI ring. What about the story of that pink round one, your “amulet that bewitches”, as if your charm wasn’t enough… as if you couldn’t get what you want just by raising an eyebrow. I smiled thinking about when you exaggerated with your “Stones of the Earth”, when you filled your fingers with them imagining that you possessed the powers of a witch and forced me to satisfy you in everything, to accompany you everywhere… In the dark your stories seemed true, your breath nearby, stopped for a moment and a purple light came on…
It always take you so little to convince me that your Earth stones are truly magical.


What Rainbow do you want?!
Light blue?
The largest ring that match with the color of your eyes…
As the color of your hair
Same as your light dress?
Smoke gray
like the clouds
take two
one green and one yellow
that match the sandy color of your skin
put on the blue one
like the sea.
Put them all
and let’s go dancing!

Stones of the earth

I use to spent hours looking for stones on the bed of the stream, in the mountains, you were lying motionless on the same stones, talking to the clouds, your feet that every now was searching for the frost of the shiny water. For the same passion, the same game, the desire to caress smooth and round shapes in all possible shades, I searched for THE STONES OF THE EARTH and tied them to your fingers, pink and green tourmalines, aquamarines, rutilated quartz so beautiful to make evil eyes, amethysts, turquoise and many others that for me are still nameless colored stones, smoothed by water, the one that has the good fortune to pass all over you, make your skin even smoother, let me imagine a thousand ways of bind you to THE STONES OF THE EARTH. All different big rings. Unique and precious pieces like breaths, like rain, wind, sun, earth. As natural as love.

Hands that touch

You touch your front with that usual gesture that I know so well. It means look at me and it has nothing to do with your rebellious red locks. Hands that mark the air, unpredictable like butterflies, hands colored by many rings, hands that let of lightnings like revolvers loaded with flowers. Impertinent hands that  rest on your hips and say it all, they take me and sparkle while you do shhhhh! You touch my lips with your fingers, and leave me speechless. Now I have eyes only for your eyes, for the blue-purple, green-yellow trails, sea and leaves that leave me your caresses, the red marks of your rings that will return to awake our usual thoughts tonight. Hands that touch, rings that look like exclamation points, commas, suspended dots… waiting for you.

The light of Venice

There are days in late November were the sun in Venice is so hot, intense and bright that it seems to last forever. The stones at the Zattere are white and warm that makes you feel like stretching out until you touch the water with your fingers full of rings of colored stones. The light bounces off the water and amplifies the colors that draw purplish, green, orange reflections, semi-transparent shadows as if it were colored smoke that stretches between the fingers and draws round swirls on the skin, on the memories of the Istrian stone slabs that are not there. they are more, on the little waves that break so close. The same lights, the same colors that dye the hair and cheekbones from the earrings, shadows that mark the face and redesign the mouth. In a moment everything becomes more yellow, the sun gives a flash before going down in the lagoon and freezing the air, the light and the colors. There remain the blue-green and blue-green reflections of the rings between the fingers that quickly fade into the dark to warm the cold night, promising another summer.

The hands of a women

The hands of a women are hands for large rings placed between the forehead and cheekbones as if to defend themselves from sudden flashes, to hide thoughts and invisible signs. Shiny and scratched rings, gold shields, games, impalpable seductions. Long thin fingers, girlish nails and colored rings draw the air as fast as swallows.Hands made of tender carees and colorful aperitifs,  hands resting on the wheel in reckless night drive, traffic light signals written with silver reflections. Malicious hands of voile with small light rings, plots of desires caress and silence in infinite tender loving touches between the neck and the ankles. Hands to laugh, fingers from irreverent marks, from strange rings, orange stones and vaffa… Hands from tears on the backs stained by mascara, black curls made, redone and stoned by fingers and rings drowned in the perfume of the hair. Nervous hands from stupid smartphones between fast thumbs and T9. Rings made of words, wrong messages, rings to smash screens and make rainbows. Hands to be disheveled, mops and freckles of children. Hands to change the baby. Magic hands sunk into a large mysterious bags. Rings and love, rings, rings, rings and thoughts, games, emotions…
The hands of the women draw the life of light.

The summer colors

It’s June ! Let’s Summer begins!
There are still a few weeks to go until the official start of the hottest season of the year but it doesn’t matter, we decided that we can just afford to open the good season in advance.
A Summer of heat, wind, light clothes and colors. Of so many colors. Of all the colors of the rainbow to choose those on trend, white, light blue, blue classic, pink schoking and a touch of rust that makes so much vintage and wild nature. And then all the colors that we like.
This bring a crazy craving for RAIMBOW RINGS, the same mad craving for colorful popsicles with the scent of sun, of transparent drinks sipped in front of the sea.
RAINBOW RINGS the perfect gift to celebrate our fantastic Italian Summer. A magical summer of Italian charm all over the world!