Flowers, flowers, flowers…

It is all a blossoming of mimosas, primroses, violets… a flowering of light texture skirts with large splashes of color, an intertwining of stems and corollas,  green grassy backgrounds and skies full of white clouds.
If last year the catwalks all over the world saw the explosion of many floral motifs, certainly the wind of colored petals that hit the world has not yet stopped blowing. Pittiesisi jewels have always been created and lived like flowers, like gems that adorn all beautiful women who wear them. With the Fiori by Status Symbol Pittiesisi offers a bouquet of very fresh choices, pendants, earrings and rings in pink, yellow and white, very light and of great visual impact even in the larger and smaller versions. All the Flowers are also beautifully combined with the other status symbols, Hearts, Stars and Magic Moons for infinite combinations and even more spectacular out-fits.

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