Colored thoughts

The colors of the natural stones of Rainbow rings perfectly match your eyes, make them laugh, reflect the light of the strange flashes that cross them. When you frown and protect yourself from the sun with your fingers crossed, your Rainbow colors are tinged with stronger notes and a moment later they become transparent like tears. Paint your days with your hands, your Rainbow as brushes, lightly veiled watercolors, cheerful and decisive spray pop inventions, brushstrokes full of life. Combine your Rainbow with green scarves, black lace, shiny and velvety fabrics … long transparent organza tunics, ripped and faded jeans. With big, sloping brim hats that you cling to when the wind blows and your many rings look like ship lights on the straight line of dark felt. Little kisses on your hands painted by so many Rainbow, smooth skin, light in the eyes and curved shadows drawn on the wall.

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