Valentine’s Day give us crazy rush for…

Rainbow Colors rings are promises of smiles. They are certainties of small joys that will always repeat themselves…
Valentine’s Day give us crazy rush for colors and spring that obesess us now while there are still dark days with low clouds. What a desire for colors, for unexpected rains that suddenly become rainbows. Desire for laughter, running with almost nothing on, silly songs to dance… longing for colored jewels to full fill long evenings, for all the colored rings in the world to enchant, amaze, laugh, reflect our eyes and confuse them in full gazes of fantasies. Longing for plays of light,of sun and shade, of beaches and woods. Crazy desire for smooth skin on which slide my fingers slowly and lose myself dazzled by the shadow of you, by the desire of your eyes, of your long and slender hands, full of colorful flashes and unspeakable gifts.

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