smile-catching jewels

You always smile, behave like crazy and love that they  looked at you when you walk. You slow down on purpose and turn around, you laugh, look at the world watching at you and smile again. You share looks, light, joy and the desire to play. Long necklaces to take with you your goodbyes for a walk, prisms of light, rectangular reflections like glass of skyscrapers on Fifth Avenue, waves on the Canale Grande in Venice, Metroplitan glows. You stop, you bend down to caress a dream and the long, large and light earrings multiply the windows that looks at you. Long windows in which you watch yourself go by, wave goodbye and hurry up to reach those who have been waiting for you for six hours. Smile at the bearded man who still knows how to throw compliments light like purple butterflies and at the guy who asks you for the most beautiful lies of your many rings. Strange jewels reflect pieces of clouds, flashes from a fog lights, red and transparent traffic lights from gallant invitations, colorful aperitifs, high heels, crazy races… Fifth Avenue, smile-catching jewels.

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