Chaîns d’amour in Venice

At  Accademia Bridge you were posing, you were behaveing like crazy on the green background of the water. You enjoyed like a child showing yourself to the world. You laughed and with the long necklace you were playing the fatal Diva, magical and ironic, one red hair Jean Harlow. Chaîns d’amour in Venice! The earrings, large and light hoops, flew like bubbles of gold. You’ve got serious just to make fun at me, I was playing your game and trying to be Clark Gable without succeeding. You didn’t notice anything, you pointed your fingers in the direction of the Salute and ran down towards the Guggenheim, the rings as luminous signs, trails reflected in the Grand Canal, enthusiastic about your international audience, all those people who came from America and China to see Venice and now lost in your laughter. A narrow street and… Hello! Disappeared behind golden reflections and echoes of smiles.

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