armor from secret desires

Tell me don’t all those spikes hurt you? They are soft, feel, caress them, they leave marks on the skin, in the eyes, they stay in your head.
You have dangerous rings almost like brass knuckles!
Do not laugh silly or you then see. They are jewels designed as ancient ashlar, textute of pyramidal lights and shadows, games of pointed defenses, armor that attract arrows, glances, envy, secret desires. Decorations from impregnable fortresses, austere outfits, nude moods Virgins of Nuremberg dressed only by the intertwining of the designs left on the skin by lasers, by neon games, by wide and thin bangles to be worn six at a time, from pendants to balls chained to threads long and hoop earrings. Very modern, ancient jewels for fake defenses, screens that immediately fall like things said for fun. Pillow fights, long caresses, breathless phrases…you are so beautiful when you act crazy.

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