Pittiesisi woman

She loves being herself.
She likes to play and sing, she makes me beehave like stupid and makes me think,
it is certainly more beautiful and stronger that in all poems and all songs written by the man in love.
Pittiesisi woman puts on one earring only… two, three …
seven rings and a long necklace that goes where my fingers trip over her smile and I drown in even though I can swim.
She knows everything and knows nothing just like me. I could never stop talking to her but I look at her and that’s enough for me…
She wears long skirts with the color like the desert sands, big bags to carry all her dreams into, smiles wet with tears and a big ring with a blue quartz.
PittieSisi woman wears the necklace on her wrist twisted five times and her hair gathered with a pencil. When she moves it always seems like dancing, but if she stay still it is the same.
She wears makeup… and she does not, she just put red color on her nails, she takes it off and she always finds herself beautiful.
PittieSisi woman wears her emotions and my jewels she knows how to take them off and change them too …