The night is still too young for us...

STUDIO54, night of psychedelic lights.
 Jewels that multiply the meanings of "HEDONISTIC JEWELS" in a infinite kaleidoscopic flashes of light,  reflecting on  their facets the pay-off. Lights, sounds and colors that still vibrate, so far away and so close to the crazy and melancholy end of the 70s, to the backlash of  New Yorker excesses that still populate every night  dreams.
The PITTIESISI’s  STUDIO54 jewelry collection  shoot flashes of light and joy as in a immense "mirror ball" capable of lighting happiness around it self.
As Andy Warhol said, we are all entitled to 15 minutes of fame, STUDIO54 give you that  brightness and make it lasts as long as you want.
All the jewels of the STUDIO54 sets are handmade and embellished with icing engravings cuts, refined hammering and mirror polishing, results of the best experienced Italian goldsmiths.


An unmistakable signature that helps define the soul of this collection, at the same time sensual and refined. Studio 54 by PITTIeSISI , a unique italian jewellery... Rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings

On sale  in our authorized PITTIeSISI Jewellery Dealers in your area.....          (request more information ..)

PITTIESISI   distribuito da TIMELINE s.r.l. Unipersonale Via del Gavardello 60, 52100 Arezzo - Italy V.A.T :    01597320512

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