An idea and all the colors that nature can invent.

The essence surprises and excites.
PITTIESISI has stopped the rainbow, stolen the reflection of light on the water, taken all the smoothness of a shiny pebble and multiplied the thousand forms of all possible rings to extract the pleasure of unique, soft and round shapes, so sensual to wrap the fingers like the damp breath of the autumn wind, like parted lips, like shiny strands of hair.
Silver rings that take the colors of the earth and gold and dress in transparent lights, natural crystals, quartz and round and soft quadrangular topazes.
Games for hands and eyes, caresses, gifts dressed only in smiles, funny combinations, transgressions, surprises, bijoux bon ton and drops of joy on elegant outfits.
Perfect rings with icy surfaces drawn by doodles left by the shoes of a thousand ballerinas.
The softly polished interior of the RAINBOW rings enhances the external incision and guarantees the perfect wearability of jewelry made only to order for you.
Discover your size.

On sale  in our authorized PITTIeSISI Jewellery Dealers in your area. (request more information ..)

All our products came with the guarantee certificate and in a custom PITTI & SISI cloth bag.

PITTIESISI   distribuito da TIMELINE s.r.l. Unipersonale Via del Gavardello 60, 52100 Arezzo - Italy V.A.T :    01597320512

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